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Animated Explainer Videos - Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about animated explainer videos and how they can be used to effectively communicate ideas to customers. Discover the benefits and best practices for creating engaging explainer videos.

Animated Explainer Videos - Everything You Need to Know

Animated explainer videos are an effective way to communicate complex information in a simple and visually appealing manner. With the help of animation, explainer videos can help capture attention, create understanding and generate interest in your product or service. Whether you’re creating a video for a business presentation or marketing campaign, an explainer video is the perfect way to get your message across. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about creating animated explainer videos for banners, including tips on how to create the perfect script, finding the right voice-over artist and working with a professional video animation studio.

Best Practices for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

Creating an effective animated explainer video is essential for businesses to capture their audience's attention and increase engagement.

In order to produce high-quality explainer videos, there are a few key best practices that businesses should consider. First, businesses should use a simple structure for their explainer videos. This means that the video should include a short introduction, the main content of the video, and a call to action. Keeping the structure simple will help viewers understand the video and stay engaged.

Additionally, explainer videos should include a call to action so viewers can take action after watching the video. Second, businesses should focus on creating quality visuals for their explainer videos. Quality visuals are essential for capturing the attention of viewers, especially on social media. Businesses should use high-resolution images and bright colors to make sure their explainer videos stand out from the crowd.

Finally, businesses should use audio in their explainer videos. Audio can help add emotion to the video, which can increase engagement. Additionally, businesses should make sure that the audio they use is of a high-quality so it doesn't distract viewers from the message of the video. By following these best practices, businesses can create high-quality animated explainer videos that capture their audience's attention and increase engagement.

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos have become a popular marketing tool for businesses, as they can help to quickly and effectively communicate a message or concept to an audience. Animated explainer videos are short videos that use visuals, audio, and text to explain a concept in an easy-to-understand format. They can be used to introduce a product or service, explain a concept, or simply communicate a message. The benefits of using animated explainer videos are numerous. Animated explainer videos can capture and keep an audience's attention, as the visuals and audio make the content engaging.

Additionally, explainer videos can help to increase understanding of complex concepts and topics by breaking them down into easily digestible pieces of information. Furthermore, explainer videos are an effective way to communicate a message quickly and efficiently. Businesses can use animated explainer videos to effectively communicate their message and reach their goals. For example, explainer videos can be used to introduce a product or service and explain its features and benefits in a concise and engaging manner. Explainer videos can also be used to demonstrate how a product works or explain complex concepts in a way that is easy for audiences to understand.

Additionally, businesses can use explainer videos to drive conversions and increase sales by highlighting key features of their product or service. Animated explainer videos offer businesses numerous benefits, from helping to capture an audience's attention to increasing understanding of complex topics. By effectively leveraging these videos, businesses can reach their goals and effectively communicate their message.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos come in various shapes and sizes. Each type of animation has its own set of benefits and best practices. Here, we'll explore the different types of animated explainer videos, including whiteboard animation, kinetic typography, 2D animation, 3D animation, and more.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a popular type of explainer video that uses a hand-drawn style to illustrate a concept or product.

It typically includes a narrator's voice and visuals that are drawn out on a whiteboard. This type of animation is often used to explain complex concepts in an engaging and straightforward way.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is a style of animation that combines motion and text to create an engaging visual experience. It typically features moving text elements that are used to illustrate a concept or tell a story. This type of animation is often used in product demos, explainer videos, and educational videos.

2D Animation

2D animation is a classic style of animation that uses illustrations and characters to tell a story.

It's often used to create cartoon-style videos, product demos, or explainer videos. This type of animation can be used to create visuals that are both engaging and informative.

3D Animation

3D animation is a more advanced style of animation that uses computer-generated images to create visuals that look realistic. It's often used for product demos, explainer videos, or commercials. This type of animation can be used to create visuals that are more engaging and visually appealing than traditional 2D animation.

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